Inspector Goole

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  • Inspector Goole
    • Inspector Goole presents himself to the Birlings and Gerald as a police officer who has come to investigate the suicide of a young woman.
    • The Inspector interrupts the celebratory dinner, questions each of the characters in turn and establishes that each person had an unwitting role in the death of Eva Smith
    • Little regard for social class or status
    • Concerned about honesty and justice
    • Makes a powerful speech about our responsibility to each other in the wider society
    • Priestly uses the character of Inspector Goole to present his ideas about the need for a just society and communal sense of responsibility
    • Goole, a homophone for 'ghoul' suggesting a phantom and also morbid interest in death
    • Gerald discovers from a police sergeant that there is no Inspector Goole on the force; this is confirmed by Mr Birling when he rings Chief Constable Colonel Roberts
    • Assertive
      • "One person and one line of enquiry at a time"
    • Brusque
      • "Few friends, lonely and half-starved"
      • "she died in misery and agony"
    • Enigmatic
      • "I don't see much of him" - referring to the chief constable
    • Prophetic
      • "They will be taught in fire and blood and anguish"
    • "Need not be a big man, but he creates at once an impression of massiveness, solidity and purposefulness"
    • Compassionate
      • "It would do us all a bit of good if we... put ourselves in the place of these young women"


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