character-Inspector calls

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  • Inspector Calls
    • Birling
      • Arrogant,opinionated,pompous,narrow-minded,naive
        • Provincial accent (local),upward social mobilitiy.
          • No empathy
            • Capitalist-selfish
              • dominant and conrolling
    • Mrs Birling
      • Snobby,prosperous,cold hearted.lack of emotions
        • Socially superior to Birling
          • most resistant to inspector
            • No responsibility
    • Gerald
      • aristocrat
        • Doesn't admit involvement-protects interests
          • Genuine feelings for Eva/Daisy-emotional involvement
            • No change-reputation concern
    • Sheila
      • Frivolous,carefree,compassionate,perceptive
        • Remorse is clearly evident- feels responsible
          • Notices Gerald's and Eric's involvement first
            • Angry with parents- lack of remosre
              • accepts notion of social responsibility-character change
    • Eric
      • Awkward,heavy drinker,drinks perhaps due to tension with family,clear tension with father
        • Empathetic,guilty,remorseful
        • character change
        • ashamed of parents
    • inspector goole
      • dominant,forseful,methodical system, intimidating,sly,ewise,demanding,persuasive
        • clashes with Birlings-not intimidated by them
          • not a real person?
        • delivers Preistley's message
          • drives the central conflict of the play
    • Eva Smith
      • working class
        • no voice-doesn't appear on stage
          • Smith-common surname-large section of society


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