inspector calls

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  • inspector calls
    • mr birling
      • he makes unesery coments about thing like "the unsincable ship"
      • he refers to people being his.
      • he acts very arrogant and becomes very gready
      • he makes comments on the girls/ lades fashion and clothes
    • eric birling
      • he offen talkes down to his farther
      • he can also stand up for his farther
      • he questions his mums disition for saking eva
      • eric is quite sad about the experience of the inspector
    • mrs birling
      • she was very cold minded and dosent cear about other people
      • she jumps quikly to erics help
      • she was angry at the inspector for intruding in there evening
      • she is very stubben and diddent cear that she helped everyone with the death
    • shelia birling
      • she can see all the things that no boddy else can see
      • by the end she makes shure that she mekes the family awere that she is standing up for her self
      • she lissenes to her mum and dad
      • at the begining she acts very chiledish
    • The inspector
      • he inturoups all the convosations
      • he leaves all the gruesome things when speaking to the lades
      • at the end he makes all the ending bad and mekes the poor birlings family feel bad
    • eva smith
      • she is very strong willed
      • she had a good sence of humer
      • she ceped a diry of all the things that have harrened to her
      • she said that she dosenot want erics dads money


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