Inspector Goole Plan

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  • Inspector
    • Influence on Other Charcters
      • 'I often do on the younger ones. They're more impressionable'
      • Able to change Shelia and Eric's views much more than their parents or Gerald
      • Shelia and Eric accept responsibility
        • Destroying their capitalist views to substitute them for socialist views
        • audience can forgive Eric, even though he has done the most lawfully wrong, because he has accepted responsibilty
    • Supernatural
      • Name 'Goole' is similar to ghoul, makes him ghostlike
      • At the end of the novel, they discover he wasn't a real police inspector
      • Knows a substantial amount of information about the family
    • Authorative
      • 'an impression of massiveness, solidity and purposefulness'
      • speaks 'carefully' 'weightily' as he knows how to use language
      • unmoved by Birling's attempt to intimidate him using social stance
    • Structure
      • Ouspensky's theory of eternal reccurance
      • cyclical structure
    • Writer's Ideas
      • catalyst for change
      • mouthpiece of Priestley's socialist views


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