Insidious Chapter 2

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  • Insidious: Chapter 2
    • Print
      • Escapism - We can't see what the characters are looking at. Creates a sense of mystery and curiosity.
      • Personal Relationships- Can relate to adult audience through protection of family.
      • Surveillance - From the Print the audience learns when the film is to be released.
    • Moving Image
      • Escapism - Through moving image clips. Trailers and sneak peaks which builds up suspense and mystery making the audience curious.
      • Ideology - Create a new horror movie that isn't the same as previous films.
        • This movie is about otherworldly possession, taking advantage of an empty human vessel.
    • E-media
      • Interactive website
        • Three doors leading to different areas of the website.
        • Lambert Household is an interactive game finding ghosts.
        • Interactive reading room is a scare game used to promote the film - reading being done on the audience.
        • Further reading show the audience all the sneak peak clips as well as the trailer.
      • Escapism - Through use of interactive techniques involving the reader.
      • Surveillance - Audience learn more of what the movie is about.


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