Input devices and their advs and disadvs. (cont.)

Input devices and their advs and disadvs. (cont.)

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  • Input devices and their advantages and disadvantages
    • Bar codes - record goodds in shops, warehouse control stock systems, parcel tracking systems, linking books to borrowers in libraries, luggage labelling in airports.
    • Advantages of bar code input - faster - scanners can read bar codes at different angles, more accurate - compared to typing in long codes manually, low printing costs - can be printed on labels.
    • Disadvantages of bar code input - can only be used for the input of numbers, expensive - the laser scanners in shops are expensive, although hand-held scanners are cheap.
    • Optical mark recognition (OMR) - works by the user shading in marks on a form. the formas are then batched together and read in one go very quickly by an OMR. can be used for reading lottery tickets, automatically marking multiple - choice answer sheets, reading questionnaires and analysing the results, recording student attendance in school/college.
    • Optical character reader(OCR) - a scanner is used to scan an image of the characters on a document. The OCR software can then recognise the shape of the individual characters. the text can be used with word or database software. it is a fast alternative to typing text that is already in printed form. It can't recognise handwriting.
    • Graphics tablet - consists of penlike device that is used to draw/write on a tablet, and then appears on screen. Use a graphics tablet to design graphics. some contain buttons to select shapes or pictures.


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