Input devices and their advs and disadvs (continued)

Input devices and their advantages and disadvantages continued.

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  • Input devices and their advantages and disadvantages
    • Digital video camera - looks like normal video cameras but they store the image digitally. can capture still as well as moving. can be stored and edited on computer. can use video on the web.
    • webcam - a digital camera used to capture still and video images. used for videoconferencing. webcams are not on top of computers (laptops yes). used to check the weather at holiday destinations, allow parents to check on children in nurseries, to allow people to check on their homes while away.
    • Sensors - devices hat measure physical quantities such as temp. pressure etc. they can be connected to the computer directly, can record data over time and the data can be transferred to the computer. lots of devices house alarms etc.
    • Touch Screen - a special type of screen hat is sensitive to touch. A selection is made from a menu on a the screen by touching part of it.
      • are easy to use in general public, are used in restaurants and shops because the staff need little training to use them, ideal for public informaiton systems such as timetable information etc.


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