Input devices and their advs. and disadvs.

input devices and their advantages and disadvantages

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  • Input devices and their advantages and disadvantages
    • Keyboard - is the most popular way of inputting data, is a slow mthod of input for large amounts of data, is inaccurate as it is easy to make mistakes, needs typing skills so it is hard to use at the start.
    • Mouse - input devices as they are used to issue instructions by making selections, when the mouse is moved a pointer or cursor moves on the screen mirroring the movement of the mouse. selections can be made. a scroll wheel can be used to scroll through long documents. A mouse is used for drawing lines etc.
    • Special Keyboards for the disabled - braille keyboards make it easy for blind users. for those who have failing vision, there are keyboards with large coloured keys.
    • Tracker ball - It is like an upside down mouse. The mouse part is stationary and you move the ball with your fingers and this moves the cursor on the screen. the main use is for disabled people or young children who find it hard to use a mouse.
    • Touch pad - are seen on laptops. used where there are no smooth surfaces for a mouse or where there is no space.


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