input devices

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  • input devices
    • keyboards
      • typing: inputting data into computer via keyboard
    • Mouse
      • moving cursor, clicking items, etc.
      • Tracker balls, touch-sensitive pads or pointing sticks
    • Concept Keyboards
      • each switch has a symbol (or word) on it representign a piece of data e.g. price.
      • Touch sensitive screens
        • instead you touch a picture or a word on the screen.
    • Graphic pads
      • allowing drawing on the computer to be easier and more accurate.
    • Joystick
      • inputs movement
    • Scanners
      • convert images into digital data to be put onto the computer
    • OCR software
      • reads texts, this makes it easier to enter large blocks of text.
    • MICR - magnetic ink character recognition
      • Used to process cheques
    • OMR- optical mark recognition
      • used to take registers. it is quick and accurate
    • Cards use a chip or a magnetic *****
    • Digital cameras
      • uses pixels to save an image
    • Laser Scanners
      • used in shops to read bar codes.
    • Microphones
      • inputs sounds e.g. voice recognition systems
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