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  • Input
    • seeing, hearing, feeling etc. all the things that are going on around you - known as perceiving the situation
    • Display
      • the environment that provides information for the senses
    • Stimulus identification stage
      • first stage of information processing
      • sense organs detect information and recognise it for what it is
    • Perception
      • the process of acquiring, interpreting, selecting and organising sensory information
      • DCR process
        • Detection
          • the process of the registering of the stimulus, by the sense organ
        • Comparison
          • the process of referring the stimulus to the memory - to compare it to previously stored stimuli
        • Recognition
          • the process of finding corresponding stimuli in the memory
    • Proprioception
      • information about the movement of our body in space; its balance, position of limbs etc. (body awareness)
      • Equilibrium
        • balance, tipping, turning, inverting
      • Touch
        • tactile sense - detects pressure, pain and temperature
      • Kinaesthesis
        • sense that provides information about the sate of contraction of muscles, tendons or joints
          • sense of body - awareness
    • Selective attention
      • the process of picking out and focusing on those parts of the display that are relevant to our performance


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