Input & Output Devices

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  • Input & Output devices
    • Input Devices
      • Keyboard-Made up of a panel of keys, this device is used to input alphanumeric characters, symbols and simple commands into a computer.Most common tasks completed on personal computers use a keyboard, such as using office software to produce reports and spreadsheets.
      • Mouse-A pointing device that allows a user to control a cursor on the screen in order to select objects that are displayed.We use it most commonly on desktop computers in order to navigate around the graphical user interface. A trackball is an alternative to a mouse that is commonly used by people with disabilities that affect their hand coordination.
      • Microphone-An audio input device that allows a user to enter sounds into the computer system.This is commonly used for holding VoIP conversations but is also used for recording your voice, such as for a podcast or a vlog.
    • Output devices
      • Monitor-A device that outputs a visual display of the user interface of any software that is currently being used on the computer.We use it so we can see the data we are working with and can interact with it. Without the monitor, we wouldn’t be able to see the effect of our inputs.
      • Projector - This is an alternative to a monitor for outputting a visual display from the computer. The difference is it projects the visual display onto a wall or screen.This is popular for watching television and film on, as well as in the classroom to display a presentation.


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