Lord of the Flies Innocence

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  • Innocence
    • Simon, shy, compassionate,helps build Ralph huts
      • Simon  gives fruits to the littleuns
        • Littleuns  don't understand
          • Piggy tries to do the right thing.
            • Helps the Littleuns + Piggy
              • Shows he is still innocent to the horrors unfolding, wants to maintain peace
                • A bit like Jesus, Christ-like figure.
                  • Simon  is innocent because he is at one with nature
                    • Untitled
                  • When simon dies, there's a lot of thunder
                    • Simon's body washed gently into the sea, symbols, golding
        • Innocent and cannot retaliate, small and weak and powerless, depend on strong leader
          • Innocence declines as does civilastion
            • Untitled
      • Ralph tries to take charge, no one listens
        • Naieve, trying to make peace, holds group together
    • Sam and Eric - remain innocent, even when they joined Jack's tribe, still help Ralph
    • Piggy is an innocent victim
    • He is selected by jack as a victim, but doesn't ask for it


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