Injury prevention

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  • Injury prevention
    • Extrinsic factors
      • Poor technique
        • Repetitive strain injuries
        • Causes acute and chronic injuries
        • Decreases performance levels
        • Example- poor rugby tackle causes shoulder injury
      • Incorrect equipment
        • Must fit correctly
        • Must suit the standard of playing
        • Must not be broken or torn
        • Example- a gum shield fits mouth right
      • InappropriateFITT principles
        • Working too hard causes acute injuries
        • Working for too long causes chronic injuries
        • Working the same muscle causes repetitive strains
      • Environment
        • Pollution levels affect asthmatics and endurance events
        • Weather- icy, wind, rain
        • Altitude- hypoxic conditions
        • Temperature-hot or cold
      • Playing surface
        • Must be free from obstructions
        • Must be a safe distance from spectators
    • Intrinsic factors
      • Previous injuries
        • Loss of connective tissue strength
        • Imbalance in muscle groups
        • Decreased joint stability
        • Altetred movement- compensate for an injury
        • Deficit in muscular function
      • Posture and alignment
        • Different leg length
        • Scoliosis and lordosis
        • Can cause joint weakness
      • Nutrition
        • Important for recovery from injury as well as prevention
        • CHO- produces energy and delays fatigue
        • Fats- protection and cushioning
        • Proteins- muscle repair and growth
        • Vitamins and minerals- bone repair and growth
      • Age
        • Bones get weaker as we get older
        • Muscle and connective tissue loses elasticity


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