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  • Injuries
    • Bones
      • Fracture is a break on a bone, accompanied by swelling.
      • Simple fracture
        • Untitled
      • Greenstick
        • Break only part away across the bone
      • Closed fractures
        • The skin over the break is not damaged
      • Compound fractures
        • The skin is torn and bone pokes out, serious as risk of infection
      • Stress
        • Overuse injuries and is a small crack in the bone. Continuous stress over a long period of time
        • can be caused if wear poor quality shoes or playing on hard surfaces
    • Joints
      • Where the two or more bones meet
      • Tennis and golfers elbow
        • Continuous stress on parts of the body
        • Tennis outside of elbow, Golfers inside of elbow
      • Dislocations
        • Where a bone at a join is forced out of its normal position from sudden stress
      • Sprains
        • Damaged ligament which has been stretched or torn, usually because of violent twisting.
      • Strains
        • a tear in a muscle caused by over stretching
    • Treatment
      • RICE
        • Rest
          • Stop immediately and rest the injury
        • Ice
          • Apply ice as  makes the blood vessels contract to reduce internal bleeding or swelling
        • Compression
          • Bandaging the injury will help reduce swelling.
        • Elevation
          • Above the heart as it reduces swelling
    • How to prevent injuries
      • Calcium rich diet.
      • Smoking and alcohol have toxic effect on bones


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