Initiatives in Sport

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  • Initiatives in Sport
    • Policies relating to minimum involvement in PE
      • Government invested £1.5 billion into this.
      • For ages 5-16
      • Government said that schools should provide two hours of high quality PE a week.
      • "All children, whatever their circumstance or abilities, should be able to participate in and enjoy physical activity and sport."
      • Aim - to keep fit and increase fitness in younger generations.
    • PESSCL
      • Stands for PE School Sport and Club Links
      • Set up by the government to increase the take up or participation in sporting activities for ages 5-16.
      • Aim is to develop and increase links between school and sporting clubs in the hope that children will continue to play and improve at these clubs outside of school.
      • Top Link set up for 16 to 19 year olds to increase their participation in sport after leaving school.
    • Sport England - Start, Stay, Succeed
      • A government agency that is responsible for building the foundations of sporting success.
      • Aiming to make England a sporting country and improve the increase of participation as well as the facilities available.
      • More variety of clubs available for young people inclyding those between the ages of 14 and 25, as they are wanting this age group more active.
    • SSCO
      • School Sports Partnership
      • These are groups of schools clustered around a PE sports college (although this isn't always the case).
        • They recieve additional funding and gain time to work with the surrounding primary schools.
    • Youth Sport Trust Tops
      • They are passionate about helping all young people to achieve their full potential
      • Desgined to give young people and target groups (those with disabilities, teenager girls and gifted and talented students) so they can gain the most from opportunities in PE.
      • They work closely with primary schools, secondary school and special education needs schools.


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