Initiatives in Sport

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  • Initiatives in Sport
    • Aim: Increase participation in sport
      • Why?
        • For the benefits from taking part e.g. increases HEALTH (physical, social & mental) and FITNESS.
      • Leads to:
        • A healthier nation, which is better for both individuals & employers.
        • More entertainment from better performers.
    • Aim: Retain people in sport
      • Why?
        • Maintain or improve fitness & health of individuals.
        • Individuals may take on other roles.
        • Individuals are more likely to succeed.
      • How?
        • An effective network of clubs.
        • A route to progress with good facilities.
        • The opportunity for competition.
    • Aim: Create opportunities
      • Why?
        • For talented performers to achieve success.
      • How?
        • Progression needs to be possible from foundation to elite levels of sport participation pyramid.
        • Agencies will be involved in supporting progression by providing:
          • Better facilities.
          • Better coaching.
          • Better education.
    • Initiatives are set up to encourage people to take part in physical activity.


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