Inital ideas

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  • Initial Ideas
    • Artefact
      • Short film on teenage lives
        • Editing skills e.g. effective timing, critical of content
        • Computing skills e.g. learning to use different types of editing and music software
        • Management skills (being a director, scriptwriter etc. and auditioning actors and people to help on set)
        • Knowledge of film techniques and style e.g. French film making vs. Hollywood
        • English language (accurate, effective creative writing in the script)
      • Microbrewery
        • Finance e.g. cost of equipment and materials
        • Design/graphics/computing software e.g. designing beer labels and advertisements
        • Marketing e.g. understanding the target audience and what's popular
        • Organisation e.g. planning brew days and tastings
        • Chemistry e.g. how the sugar is extracted from the grain on a molecular level
        • Research skills, e.g. reliable sourcing, multiple source use
        • Craft food skills e.g. understanding of craft food industry, how to make the product
      • Animation
        • Computing skills e.g. using photo shop for initial character concepts, Toon Boom to do the actual animaton
        • Analysis skills e.g. comparison of traditional methods such as Claymation vs. CGI
    • Dissertation
      • Article on...
        • Marketing skills
        • Humour/wit (May be a light hearted article or review)
        • Interview skills (may need to interview people as part of the article)
        • The art of persuasion (May want to publish the article, may be trying to influence readers in a certain way)
        • English language/essay writing skills (correct SPAG, effective writing)
        • Planning and organisation e.g. structure of story
      • Book/creative writing
        • English language/essay writing skills (effective writing to create desired mood and atmosphere and to evoke emotion in the reader)
        • Persuasion skills (may want to publish as a fully fledged book, will need to approach several companies)
        • Planning and organisation e.g. plan characters and structure of narrative
      • Essay on subject of choice (one I don't take)
        • Research skills e.g. a wide variety of sources from radio to newspaper articles to google scholar, checking factual accuracy
        • English language skills e.g. SPAG, structural techniques.
    • Event
      • Bake off
        • Public speaking e.g. presenting the event, instructing the bakers, interviewing them whilst they bake
        • Editing skills
        • Filming skills e.g. aesthetically pleasing shots
        • Organisation e.g. finding another presenter, signing up bakers, getting a team together for sound and film
      • Musical showcase
        • Public speaking e.g. presenting the showcase, going out with acts and doing promotional busking or setting up a small stall at lunch in college
        • Advertising skills e.g. using a variety of social media platforms and putting ads around college
        • Organisation e.g. setting up auditions, asking for donations, setting up the stage etc.
        • Teamwork e.g. co-ordinating a team to help with lighting and sound for the night, maybe someone to help present
        • Graphic design e.g. designing the posters for auditions and the event itself
      • Colour run
        • Advertising skills e.g. using a variety of social media platforms and putting ads around college
        • Organisation e.g. co-ordinating a team to help run the event
        • Finances e.g. how much the paint etc. costs vs. the amount raised


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