Initial Idea: Food Shortages 

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  • Initial Idea: Food Shortages
    • Title
      • What is the future of food?
      • What is the future of food development
      • What can be done to meet increasing food demand?
        • Why there is a food shortage? (Brief)
          • Population change
          • Global Warming
        • GM Crops
          • Their positives and negatives.
          • Primary Research: Ask about people's opinions on GM  crops with Questions
        • Eating Insects
        • Reducing Demand?
          • More efficient land use etc.
        • Future Farms- Skyscraper Farms
          • Secondary Research: newspaper articles and other articles.
    • Research Methods
      • Secondary
        • Newspaper and Magazine Articles
        • Journals
        • Academic books from the library
      • Primary
        • Questionnaire for people to fill in.
          • To gain there opinion on the possible future techniques
        • Find Academic to try and interview
        • Interview of members of relevant departments
    • Skills I Can Learn/ Improve
      • Online
        • Using the internet to research for resources, or the library moodle page
        • Using student room to create  planning mind maps
        • Creating and using a blog
      • Other
        • Constructing and manipulating research to produce a final product
        • Conducting an interview
    • Why I choose this topic
      • A levels
        • Chemistry
          • GM crops links to the science subjects
        • Biology
          • GM crops links to the science subjects
        • Geography
          • Causes of food shortages (population and climate change)
      • Interests
        • I would like to study human geography at university
        • Population and a sustainable environment


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