Initial Film Ideas

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  • Initial Film Ideas
    • The girl is filthy rich and a spoilt brat
      • Blonde
      • Uses made up girl words that are found only in an urban dictionary
        • For Example, "That' so Fetch"(Grechen Weeners, Mean Girls), "I feel like such a bonehead" (Cher from Clueless) and "I'm not mean, i'm Neam!" (Teen Titans Go)
          • "Neam"   (Teen Titans)
          • "Fetch"   (Mean Girls)
          • "Bonehead" (Cluless)
          • "Biyatch" (She's The man)
          • "Cakeboy!" (Clueless)
          • "Bend and Snap!" (Legally Blonde)
      • Tons of make-up
      • Breaks the rules
    • Popular boyfriend who is good looking but stupid
      • Like Brandon from Easy A and Teddy Sanders from Bad Neighbours
    • Two best friends
      • One friend who is also stupid
        • The other is more intelligent than the main but doesn't show it
          • Much like Lucy Wyman from 13 Going On 30 and Cady Haron from Mean Girls
        • much like Carren Smith from Mean Girls and Kia from She's The Man
  • She acts sweet around her parents to get what she wants
    • Big House!!!!
      • Posh high class British family
        • Private school educated
          • Parents are blind to her 'alter ego'
            • Much like Meredith's dad in Bratz the Movie and Sharpay Evans parents in High School Musical
      • Stereotypical in teen comedys
        • E.g. Regina George from Mean Girls, Cher from Clueless, Dylan from Geek Charming, Poppy Moore from Wild Child and Cecilia from Aquamarine
        • I wanted to stick to other cliches in my film
          • making the girl popular
          • Likes pink
          • Enjoys shopping
          • Picks her friends
  • Dad is rich because of job
  • Mum is a stay at home woman
    • Mum a bit stuck up
      • Apple of her dads eye
        • Add in slapstick jokes that teens find funny
          • Similar humour to teen wolf and clueless
            • Typical high school jokes about how they dislike the school, making fun of the dorks, joking about who they want to date and being plain mean about girls


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