Inheritance, Exercise and Health AQA GCSE Biology

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  • Inheritance, Exercise and Health
    • Inheriting Health
      • Inheriting factors are factors we inherit from our parents
      • Apperance
      • Cholesterol levels
      • Metabolic Rate
    • Controlling Cholesterol
      • You need cholesterol to make cell membranes and vital hormones
      • There are two types of cholesterol, one healthy, and the other causes health problems. You need the right balance between the two.
        • If the balance is wrong, the risk of heart disease increases
      • The way your liver deals with fat in your diet is an example of an inherited factor
        • For most people, eating a balanced diet means thta your balance of cholesterol levels are good
        • Eating high-fat foods means there is a raised level in harmful cholesterol
        • 1 in 500 people inherit factors which means they will have high levels of harmful cholesterol, no matter what they eat
    • Exercise and Health
      • People who exercise regularly are generally healthier than people who don't
      • You are less likely to be overweight if you exercise regularly because you use up more energy
      • You have more muscle tissue, which increases your metabolic rate, lowering the risk of weight related problems
      • Your cholesterol levels would be lower if you exercised more, therefore lowering the risk of heart disease and other problems


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