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  • Inheritance and Selection
    • Sperm cell:
    • Egg cell:
    • Steps of fertilization; all sperm are racing to the egg, one sperm will win and hit the egg first to begin fertilizing the egg, the sperm and egg fuse together to create a new cell. The egg is fertilized,it now divides, cells divide again and again, the cells are becoming an embryo.
    • example of inherited variation - foot size and height
      • example of environmental variation - religion and tattoos.
    • Identical twins- the sperm goes into the egg as normal but when the fused DNA in the cell begin to divide, they divide into 2 separate groups, they become 2 embryos. they look similar because they have the same DNA.
      • Non identical twins - in a monthly cycle the mother produces 2 eggs where she would normally only produce one. That means 2 different sperm need to fertilize each egg - 2 embryos!
    • Artificial Selection - when someone ha deliberately chosen a partner for each animal. Maybe because they both have desirable traits.
    • Natural Selection - when they meet themselves and partner.


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