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  • Inheritance
    • when both alleles are recessive the individual is described as being homozygous recessive for that gene outcome.
    • when there is one dominant and one recessive allele, the individual is described as being heterozygous for that gene outcome.
    • in genetic diagrams we use letters to simplify words e.g for earlobes combinations e and E are used. these are called genotypes.
    • the physical charateristic displayed by the idividual are called phonotypes.e.g attatched earlobes.
    • in genotypes, we use a capital letter to represent the dominant allele and a lower case to show the recessive.
    • inherited or genetic disorders like sickle cell disease and cystic fibrosis are caused by 'faulty' alleles.
    • when an individual has two dominant alleles, they are describes as being homozygous dominant for that gene.
    • punnett squares show  a way of showing simple genetic relationships


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