Computer systems informational security

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  • Informational Security
    • Threats
      • Computer virus
        • self-replicating program
          • uses other host files or code to replicate
        • Every time the host file is executed, the virus is executed too.
        • Viruses can effect
          • Program files
          • boot secctors
          • harrd drive partition tables
          • Memory
          • Macro routines
          • Scripting files
      • Computer worms
        • uses its own coding to replicate
        • may travel the Internet trying to write itself to the computer and begins replicating
      • Trojan horse programs
        • posing as legitimate programs that are activated by an unsuspecting user.
        • After execution, it may attempt to continue to pose as the other legitimate program while doing its malicious actions (causing loss or theft of data) in the background
    • Protection
      • Data security
        • Concerned  with securing data storage when data resides
        • structured data easier to secure
        • unstructured data may need more consideration
      • Network security
        • information is passed along computers
        • crucial for secure netowrk
        • crucial for secured protocols
      • Computer Security
        • need to conssider the OS
        • In the operating system, a reference monitor is implemented to manage the security of its related elements, and access control is also implemented.
      • Application security
        • s concerned with security considerations in the development cycle of web applications, client applications, and remote administration
    • Good practise
      • Security operations
        • oncerned with the ongoing, day-to-day management of security functions.
        • processes and procedures need to be put in place to provide a smooth-running, efficient and effective operation.
      • Physical Operations
        • Is an IT infrastructure located safely?
        • Are unattended systems logged off or screens locked?
    • Definition
      • Information refers to data
        • manipulated by, stored in, and transmitted between computer systems.
      • “protecting information and information systems from unauthorized access, use, disclosure, disruption, modification, or destruction”
      • Important issue in design and usage of computer systems


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