Welfords Information Processing

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  • Welfords information processing
    • Input
    • Sense Organs
      • Internal (Proprioception)
      • External (Auditory/visual)
      • Receive the stimuli
    • Perception
      • Interpretation, making sense, judgement
      • Selective attention
      • Ignore irrelevant information
      • Short term memory encodes to the LTM
      • decision made by comparison
      • LTM recognises a Motor Programme
      • Motor programme decoded to the working memory (STM)
    • Effector Control
      • The brain sends impulses via the nervous system to the working muscles
        • e.g. The decision is to catch the ball, which is sent from the brain to the muscles.
    • Effectors
      • Muscles receive the impulses and perform the action e.g. the ball is caught.
    • Intrinsic Feedback
      • Proprioception, kinaesthesis, performer feels the movement is correct and that the ball is caught.
    • Extrinsic Feedback
      • Feedback from the environment e.g. the coach congratulating on a successful catch.
      • Knowledge of result
    • Environment


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