Topic 2 - Information needs

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  • Information needs
    • Information needs depend on
      • Structure of the organisation
        • The structure shows who is responsible for who, who can make decisions and control their staff
        • Pyramid/hierarchical
          • Many levels
          • Low span of control
            • The number of employees directly supervised by one person
          • Clearly defined authority
          • Opportunities for promotion
          • Poor communication
          • Long chain of command
        • Flat
          • Wide span of control so managers are  in control of many people
            • The number of employees directly supervised by one person
          • Greater communication
          • Easier decision making
          • Fewer opportunities for promotion
      • Nature of the organisation
      • Size/scale of the organisation
        • Large - CEO needs information relating to whole organisatiom
        • Small - smaller amounts of data within organisation
      • Management style
        • Autocratic
          • Senior management make all decisions
        • Democratic
          • Employees vote in decision-making
    • What is an organisation?
      • A group of people with a specific purpose
    • Levels of information
      • Strategic
        • Highest level - Requires summaries of  information for long term planning and decision making like whether to open a new store
      • Tactical
        • Middle level - Requires information to make decisions about short term things like which training courses to send staff on
      • Operational
        • Lowest level - Need a high level of detail to perform their task such as restocking shelves


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