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  • Information
    • Information is raw, meaningless data that has been processed to have context.
    • Information will vary in organisations on their purpose, scale and size.
      • The function is the most critical factor because some small organisations depend on their ICT systems.
      • Large organisations tend to generate more data, but may not need to process their data in a complex fashion.
    • Public sector organisations are funded by taxpayers and will have to provide very specific information to government bodies about the way they are ran.
    • ICT systems may vary between departments but most of them use a payroll system which is done by calculating hours worked and hourly rates.
      • Retailers need to order products from suppliers so they may use a Just in Time (JIT) system where materials are ordered just before they are needed so they arrive on time.
    • Organisations work at different management levels (Operational, Tactical and Strategic)
      • Operational levels would be the assistants who have fairly routine operations.
      • Tactical level would be managers and they have more control as they don't need to follow straight forward rules.
      • Strategic level is as the highest level and it is people such as owners who make decisions that affect the organisation.


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