Gross Motor Skills

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  • Gross Motor Skills
    • Activities that promote GMS
      • HopScotch
      • Riding a bike
      • Playing catch
      • Climbing frames
      • Riding on toys
      • Push and pull toys
    • Infants/early chilhood
      • 1) Infants develop their gross motor skills from the head down
      • 2)They gradually control muscles in their neck and then their back. They can then roll, crawl and sit.
      • 3) The muscles in their legs and feet develop later so they can stand and walk.
      • 4) In early childhood, the large muscles continue to develop to help coordination and balance.
    • Questions.
      • Explain TWO ways in which playing in a playground will help children's gross motor skills development.
        • In this type of play, children will hop, run and climb. this will help to develop strength and control because they are using the large muscles in their legs.
        • The children will develop coordination because they are using their whole body, arms and legs to help them climb.
    • What are Gross Motor Skills
      • Gross motor skills allow infants to control large muscles in their body to enable them to CRAWL, WALK and RUN.


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