National 5 History: Unit 3- Hitler & Nazi Germany Influential events

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  • Influential events in Nazi Germany
    • Munich Putsch
      • November 1923
      • RIGHT WING
      • Nazi's tried to overthrow government in a Nationalist revolution.
        • 600 armed followered stormed a meeting of Bavarian politicians, with Hitler forcing them to support him.
          • Next day the Nazi's marched through Munich and were met by the police. 14 Nazi's were killed and Hitler was arrested.
            • Hitler was put on trial for high treason and sent to Landsberg Castle jail.
    • Kapp Putsch
      • March 1920
      • RIGHT WING
      • Led by Wolfgang Kapp, an uprising in Berlin.
        • Consisted of Freikorps and army officials.
          • Government could not count on support of army to stop this.
            • Government called for a general strike.
              • This made the uprising unfeasible and the leaders of the putsch fled.
    • Kristallnacht
      • November 1938
      • Jewish pogroms
      • Attacks on Jewish homes, synagogues and businesses
        • Around 30,000 Jewish men arrested
        • 267 synagogues burned
        • 7,5000 businesses destroyed
        • Jewish were billed for damage done, they also had to pay for leaving Germany
    • Night of Long Knives
      • June 1934
      • SA eliminated
      • Hitler is forced to choose support of army or support of SA. He needs the army in order to rule over Germany.
        • Leader Ernst Rohm and hundreds of SA men were  killed as well as many  other of Hitler's opponents.
    • Reichstag Fire
      • February 1933
      • Government building set on fire
      • Communist arressted and blamed for fire (Van der Lubbe) & used this excuse to call for a decree of emergency
        • The enabling act passed in this 'emergency decree' (Article 48)


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