Influences on free will: Disadvantages

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  • Influences on free will: Disadvantages
    • Determinism
      • Soft Determinism: confuse those things that are contingently true with those that are necessarily true.
      • Puts us in doubt of praise and blame.
      • Libertarians: Their mechanical view of the world is incorrect.
    • Libertarianism
      • Determinists: decision making is an illusion.
        • Our personality is determined by certain factors (e.g. genetic/psychological.
    • Soft determinism
      • Hard determinists: It fails to realise the extent to which human freedom is limited.
      • Libertarians: It fails to recognise the true extent of freedom.
      • Cannot agree on what is determined and what is open to choice.
      • Cannot agree on what is and what is not a determining factor  and the complexities of genetics, psychology and physics makes a line between them difficult to draw.


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