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  • Influences.
    • Cultural Influences
      • cultural influences are those that impact on daily life and are often out of a person's control.
        • some people will play a particular sport because they see it as part of their heritage or culture.
      • the age of a person can influence their chances of participating in certain activities. There might be an age limit or guidelines on separate competitions and coaching for different age groups.
      • Disability is a restriction in the participation in sport.
      • some clubs are for boys only and dont allow boys and girls to compete against each other.
      • certain sports have traditional or cultural links to particular groups, for example, gymnastics is very popular in china
    • Health.
      • exercise gives you energy so helps to prevent fatiguetitled
      • more exercise means more calories burned.
      • lead to friendships
      • releaves mental pressure.
    • Image
      • sports can go in and out of fashion depending on the level of coverage they get in the mediatitled
      • media coverage highlights positive events such as winning big competitions.
        • media coverage highlights negative aspects like a footballer being arrestedtled
    • people
      • if your parents have an interest in a sport, you are more likely to take up the same sport
      • if children have observed positive attitudes towards sport and se it as a good thing, they are more likely to become involved with sporting activities
      • Children areunlikelyto try sports if they friends don’t like sport or if their friendship group sees it as anuncool thing to do.
      • role models
    • socio-econonmic
      • UMany sports costmoney and somefamilies can’tafford thisntitled
      • sometimes funding canbe received from governing bodies,the Lotto or sponsorship for groupsor individuals
      • Many places do not have goodenough facilities because there arenot enough people interested in thesport
    • rescoures
      • Where a person lives can have agreat impact on what activities theycan undertake
      • For example, if facilities are notavailable locallyor transport linksdo not exist, itwould be hard forpeople to join asports club.


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