Influences on Parliament

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  • Influences on Parliament
    • Public opinion/medi-a
      • The media is a center point between Parliament and the public.
        • Meaning the law reflects public opinion
          • Meaning the law is more likely to be abided by
        • Meaning Parliament can hear public opinion
      • Leads to a democratic law
        • Due to campaigns
    • Pressure groups
      • Can be causal or sectional
        • Casual groups fight for a particular cause.
          • Examples: Dignity in dying and Brake
        • Sectional groups fight for a particular group of people
          • Examples: National Union of Students and Centrepoint
      • They use many methods of being heard
        • Lobbying, petitions, media coverage and demonstration-s
          • Sometimes these can become unlawful
    • Law commisions
      • Law commissions aim to reform the law to make it simple, fair, modern and cost effective
        • They make proposals to modernize the law by making new law
        • They make proposals to codify the existing law
        • They make proposals to consolidate the law
        • They make proposals to repeal obsolete laws


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