Influences on parliamentary law making

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  • Influence on Law Making
    • Law Commission
      • Set Up in 1965
      • Consdiers and researches areas of law that needs to be reformed
      • Focuses on lawyers or pure law
      • A constitution document will be published this will outline the law and why it nedds to be reformed
      • Constitution document puts forward proposals to codify law. (bring it all to one place)
    • Public opinion/media
      • If the public protest, the government are more likely to change the law
      • The change is more likely to occur during an election to gain more votes
      • Issues are given high profile which helps a campaign gain more support
        • Ben Kinsiller
    • Pressure Groups
      • Have particular interests put pressure on the government bu bringing things to their attention
      • 2000- reduced age of homosexual consent to 16
      • National Union ofTeachers
    • European Law
      • The government has to introduce any law passed bythe EU
      • E.G. The Sex discrimination act (1975-1986) was brought in to trat men and women fairly
      • Some aspects of EU law are unpopular in Britain
    • Political Influences
      • Parties Manifesto
      • Opening of parliament (once a year) the government announces its plans for new laws
      • This is done in the queens speech


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