Influence of early attachments on future relationships

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  • Influence on early attachments on future relationships
    • Continuity hypothesis
      • Theory that there is a connection between early emotional experiences and later relationships
      • Based on the internal working model
    • Childhood relationships
      • Research shows there is a continuity between early attachment styles and the quality of childhood relationships
      • Youngblade  and Belsky (1992) 3-5 year olds who were securely attached had better relationships with other children and formed closer friendships
      • Laible (2000) In late childhood, attachment behaviours learned earlier are transferred to social situations
        • Supports idea of an internal working model and continuity
      • Deterministic - disregards other factors that can affect future relationships
      • Strongly supported by research evidence
    • Adult relationships
      • An inter-generational continuity of attachment types
        • Children possessing same attachment types as what parents had
      • Hazan and Shaver (1987) The Love Quiz
        • Securely attached PPs expressed belief in lasting love
        • Insecure-avoidant PPs more doubtful about existence and durability of love
        • Insecure-resistant PPs Most vulnerable and completely reluctant to love
        • Clearly shows connection between early and future
      • Temperament hypothesis
        • The idea that the nature of infants' attachments is due to innate personality factors
          • Suggests biological basis
      • Bailey (2007) Majority of women had same attachment type as both their children and their own mothers


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