economics inflation

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  • inflation
    • sustained increase in the price level for G&S
    • PPI new factory products
    • CPI
      • excl: house costs, mortgages
    • RPI
    • new CPIH - housing..
    • OOH owners occupiers housing costs
    • its bad
      • volatile energy + demand
      • changes value currency
      • gov indirect taxes can change
      • potential long-run impacts
    • demand-pull inflation
      • D>S inflationary gap
    • cost-push inflation
      • increase in costs S curve <-
        • labour costs rise
        • inflation in other countries - imports costs
        • exchange rate fall - imports costs
        • tax rise
    • PED




This mind map is good for looking at what still needs to be learnt. It can be extended to produce a more comprehensive mind map for students who prefer a mind map for revising.

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