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  • Infertility
    • Infertility affects both Sexes, and One in Ten Couples
      • Blocked Fallopian Tube/ Thick Cervical Mucas
        • Sperm cannot Reach Egg
      • No Ovulation/ Hormone Imbalance
        • No Egg
      • Insufficient  Sperm/ Poor Quality
        • Egg won't be Fertilised
    • Assisted Conception
      • IVF
        • In Vitro Fertilisation is where you first have Hormone Treatment to Stimulate Ovulation. The Eggs are then surgically removed and penetrated by Sperm in a Test Tube. At 8 Cell Division they're placed either into the Uterus of into the Test Tube
      • Egg Donatation
        • Involves Eggs being collected from Donors then IVF Procedures are used
      • Donor Insemination
        • Is where a Donated Sperm is placed directly into the Uterus
      • ICSI
        • Intra Cytoplasmic Sperm Injection is when an Individual Sperm is injected directly into the Egg
      • Surrogacy
        • Is where another Women has a Baby for a couple who cant have one themselves
      • PGD
        • Pre Implantation Genetic Disorder is used by couples who have been identified as being carriers of a serious Genetic Disorders. Embyros are Screened and only Healthy ones are used


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