Infectious Diseases

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  • Infectious Diseases
    • Water
      • Some pathogens can be picked up by drinking
        • Or bathing in dirty water.
      • E.G, Cholera is a bacterial infection.
        • Causes diarrhoea and dehydration.
        • Spread when drinking water is contaminated with diarrhoea.
    • Food
      • Picked up by contaminated food.
      • E.G, Salmonella
        • Causes food poisoning.
        • Found in food that has been kept too long, not cooked.
    • Air
      • Carried in the air in droplets.
        • When you sneeze or cough.
      • E.G, Influenza virus.
        • causes flu.
    • Contact
      • Pucked up by touching contaminated surfaces/
      • E.G,athlete's foot is a fungus.
        • makes skin itch and flake off.
        • Spready by touching the same things as an infected person, showe floors.
    • Body Fluids
      • Spread by body fluids such as blood, breast milk and semen.
        • HIV virus.
          • Causes AIDS which stops the immune system from working properly.
        • Sharing needles to inject blood.
    • Animal Vectors
      • Vectors are animals that spread disease.
      • Anopheles Mosquito
        • Carries the protozoan that causes Malaria.
        • Spreads by biting other organisms.
      • House Fly
        • Carries the bacterium that causes severe diarrhoea.
        • carries bacteria onto food.


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