Inequalities in the EU: Bulgaria and the UK

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  • The UK
    • The climate is temperate (not too hot and not too cold) and there aren't many droughts. This creates good conditions for farming.
    • Inequalities in the EU : Bulgaria and the UK
    • The HDI in the UK is 0.947
    • The UK has well developed manufacturing and service industries e.g. insurance which are very profitable
    • It has good trade links - the UK has been a major trading centre for hundreds of years.
    • In 2007, the UK had a GNI per head of $33800
    • Life expectancy in the UK is 79
  • Bulgaria
    • The HDI for Bulgaria is 0.824
    • Part of Bulgaria is very mountainous e.g the Rhodope mountains cover 12,333 square km of Bulgaria. The land on the mountains is steep and has poor soil, also making farming difficult in those areas.
    • The climate is temperate, but there are droughts in summer,and high snowfall and storms in Winter. This makes farming difficult.


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