Inequalities between children and adults

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  • Inequalities between adults and children
    • March of progress sociologists argue that adults use their power to protect and care for children.
      • For example: For the benefit of passing laws
    • Firestone and Holt: What M.O.P sociologists view as protection and care is actually a new form of oppression and and control.
      • Example: Protection of paid work is not a benefit to children but a form of inequality as it is a way of forcibly segregating children, making them more dependent, powerless and subject to adult control than previously.
      • Believe in "child liberationism."
        • Child liberationism: the need to free children from adult control
    • Adult control takes 5 forms
      • Neglect and abuse
      • Control over children's space
      • Control over children's free time
      • Control over children's bodies
      • Control over children's access to resources


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