Inequalities relating to gender

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  • Inequalities relating to gender
    • Workplace
      • Legislation: 1970 Equal Pay Act. 1975 Sex Discrimination Act
      • Men significantly more likely than women to work full time. Men also work longer hours than women (Dermott)
      • Glass ceiling: women can reach a certain position but find it difficult to break through to top jobs
      • 67 of FTSE 250 boards are all male (business in the community)
    • Home
      • Dual role: women play an active role in the public and private domestic spheres
      • Triple shift: women must do paid work, house work and emotional work (Duncome & Marsden)
      • Seager: time diaries used to research both gender's time usage. Women spent more time on domestic work and men spent more time on paid work. Men had more leisure and rest time than women
    • Politics
      • Women outnumbered 5 to 1 in the cabinet (Democratic Audit)
      • Concrete + glass ceiling
    • Education
      • Truanting: males more likely to truant or be excluded from school
      • Percentage of girls getting A*-C in their GCSEs was 73.1%, compared to boys at 64.3%
    • Health
      • In many industrialised countries, women live longer than men
      • Women have more morbidity from poor mental health, particularly those related to anxiety and depression (Acheson)
      • More occupations typically followed by men involve direct risk to life


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