Social Class Inequality

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  • Inequalities (Social Class)
    • Education
      • The Sutton trust study (2008)
        • Class differences in attainment occur as a result of early experiences in a childs life
        • A level institutions- university places
      • Connor and Dewson (2001)
        • Found that only one in five boys from working class backgrounds go on into higher education
      • Savage and Egerton (1997)
        • found that ability does not wipe out class advantage. only half of the "high ability" working class boys in their study made it into the service class e.g. not manual labour work
    • Health
      • Bottero
        • there is a strong socio-economic gradient to almost all patterns of disease and ill health. the lower your socio-economic position, the greater your risk of...
          • low birthweight, infections, cancer, coronary heart disease, respiratory disease, stroke, accidents, nervous and mental illnesses
      • Please see attached for more studies and evidence
    • Politics
      • 32% of Mps attended independent schools
      • 72% attended university
      • 43% went to a prestigious university
      • 27% went to Oxbridge
      • Conservative Mps are more likelyto have attended private schooling (57%)
    • Mass Media
      • synoptic with AS Spec
      • Medhurst's research using The Royale Family (1999)
        • synoptic with AS Spec
      • stereotyping positive/ negative portraytals of the Working classes
        • Medhurst's research using The Royale Family (1999)
      • Income
        • Differences in annual income are significant based on occupation but not reflecting on amount of hours worked per week
      • Housing
        • Clear distinction in ownership and rental in the contemporary UK
        • Patterns of home ownership reflect patterns of income


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