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  • Industrial-isation
    • Import Substituion
      • no reliance
      • only produce goods needed
      • X Hewitt: savings on domestic production of goods are not balanced by the cost of importing material.
    • Rostow
      • replaced 'traditional' values/production with technology/modern techniques
      • collectivism > individualism
      • efficient, cost effective (cheaper)
      • Green technology
      • X Schumacher: loss of artisans/craftsmen, loss of employment due to manufacturing (Neo-Populism)
    • Elwood: use of natural resources
      • deforestation
      • desertifcation
    • Polanyi: heavy environmental and sopcial price for future generations
      • more important to develop then deal with the problems as development will provide solutions
      • People-centred approach: micro-credit and NGOs
    • Dual Sector Economy
      • Formal: expats/local elites/TNCs
      • Informal: slave trade/black market/drugs trade
    • Urbanisation
      • employument/ education/ healthcare
      • X Shanty Towns
      • X Destroying agriculture
      • X Deforestation
      • Transmites Western Normas/ Values
    • Neo-Liberal - Export Led Growth/ Industrialisation
      • freemarket (Friendman(
      • Capitalism
      • Economic Growth
      • TNC investment
      • Higher Standards of Living
      • More Jobs
      • Infrastructure
      • X EPZs - Frank, Hayter, Frobel - NIDL
      • X Red Tape
      • X Exploitation
      • Klein: Low Wage Ghettos


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