Industrialisation and Growth in socialism

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  • Industrialisation & Growth in Socialism
    • Industrialisation
      • When Kaiser began building like german industry this was called industrialisation.
      • With help from a buisnessman he fullfilled his desires by 1913
        • Producing more iron & steel & as much coal as Britain
        • In industries like electrical goods they German countries dominated Europe
    • Growth in Socialism
      • Success of industry made Germany rich.
      • Factory workers were unhappy wages, working conditions and exp. food. Strikes took place to tempt. Kaiser to chnage it.
      • Ppl voted for a new party called social democratic party for a spread of equal money. SPD were hping for a share of power with Kaiser
  • Some socialist took an extreme view and and wanted to start a new Revolution took over the country and allowed cities and towns to be Goverend by Council Workers


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