Unit 3: Energy Conservation - Industrial Energy

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  • Industrial Energy Conservation
    • Heat Recovery
      • Heat exchangers - transfer heat from hot effluents to incoming cold gases/liquids
        • Large surface areas - long, narrow pipes
        • Pipes made from good thermal conductor e.g. copper
        • Slow flow rate for more effective exchange
    • Insulation
      • Covering things (espcially storage tanks) with material with low thermal conductivity
    • High Volume Storage
      • Small surface to volume ratio for small heat loss
      • Spherical containers have SA:V
    • Combined Heat and Power Station
    • National Grid
      • Low current electricity to reduce heat loss by resistance
      • High voltage maintains power
      • Power = Current x Voltage
      • Transformer used to increase voltage/reduce current before use
    • Integrated Manufacture
      • All stages of manufacture occur on same site (less transportation)
    • Recycling
      • Less energy used than making products from scratch
      • Often higher transport energy use


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