Industrial Disease

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  • Industrial: Disease
    • Louis Pasteur
      • Germ Theory- 1861
        • Swan neck experiment proved spontaneous generation to be wrong. Germs are found in places they can easily reach- they infect them which makes them turn bad.
        • Pasteurisation: Killing bacteria in liquid food.
        • Sterilising surgical equipment
    • Robert Koch
      • Bacteriology
        • Specific germs or bacteria cause specific diseases.
          • Successfully identified germs responsible for typhoid, pneumonia, meningitis, plague and tetanus.
          • More vaccines being found to prevent diseases.
          • Discovered anthrax typhoid
    • Dallinger and Drysdale
      • 1874: Published paper describing life cycle of microbes.
    • Tyndall
      • Promoted Germ Theory. 1876: lectured British doctors on Koch's discoveries of anthrax.
    • Roberts
      • Linked lab research of Germ Theory with evidence from surgeons and public health doctors.
    • Cheyne
      • Translated Koch's book into English. Wrote paper based on findings- explained some microbes present in healthy tissue and wounds were harmless- did not cause disease.


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