non- birth policy, immigration laws indonesia

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  • Indonesia
    • location
      • south-east asia
      • north of Australia
    • background facts
      • made up of 1000's of island
      • population over 240 million
      • lack of adequate services and housing
      • 4th largest population     world wide
      • 24 million live below the national poverty line
        • 30% that live above the national poverty line only live on £2 a day
      • densley  populated islands
        • 130 million live on Java island
    • policy
      • millions were moved from densely populated island (Java) to less densely populated island (Sumatra)
      • policy was set in the 1960's called the "transmigration policy"
        • to reduce impacts of population growth
      • people were moved to land already occupied by        indigenous     people
    • effectiveness of policy
      • not all of the people who moved escaped poverty
        • a lack of skill and poor farm land on new island meant people did not escape pverty
      • population is still unevenly distrubited
      • unemployment is only 3% but his hides the many who are underemplyed
      • there is a conflict between migrants and indigenous people


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