Individual Differences - Physique

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  • Individual Differences - Physique
    • 3 Somatotypes
      • Mesomorph
        • M=  Muscualer
          • Broad and wide shoulders,  muscular arms and legs, little fat
            • E.g. Basketball player / Swimmer
      • Endomorph
        • Fat (D=Dumpy)
          • Large Body Frame, high percentage of body fat, wipe hips and shoulders, short legs
            • E.g. Rugby Player / weight lifter
      • Ectomorph
        • T = Thin
          • long, slender and thin, narrow shoulders and hips, very little muscle or body fat
            • E.g. Jockey / Gymnast
    • Physique is a factor that an individual has very little control over
      • You may be able to influence
        • Body Composition
          • percentage of body weight that is fat muscle and bone
        • Musculature
          • Arrangement of muscles on a body type


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