Indirect Realism

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  • Indirect Realism
    • View that the external world exists independently of the mind but we perceive the external world indirectly through sense data
      • Sense data can be described as the content of perceptual experience
        • Individual and exists within the mind
          • Sense data is private, no one else can experience your sense data
            • explains the criticisms of perceptual variation
    • Scepticism
      • IR leads to scepticism about the nature and the existence of the external world
        • There would be no difference to the perceiver if there was no physical world
          • If we only perceive sense data and not the object itself, how can we know anything about the external world
            • We have know way of knowing that sense data is an accurate representiation of the external world
              • Maybe there isn't an external world at all?
      • Reply 1
        • Russells reply
          • No way we can conclusively defeat this argument
            • But the existence of the external world is the best explanation
              • But the best explanation isn't always the correct one
      • Reply 2
        • Lockes first reply
          • Memory and imagination allows us to choose what we are experiencing
            • When we perceive sense data, it must be part of the external world as we are unable to control them
              • We can imagine a green alien in our mind that can be blue or red or yellow
                • We cannot perceive a table as brown and then suddenly perceive the same table as half the size and suddenly hot pink
      • Reply 3
        • Lockes second reply
          • Different senses confirm information of one another
            • You can write something on  apiece of paper and see the words, you can get someone to read it and you hear it through a different source
              • How do you not know that that source exists?
                • If its just sense data that is personal, this could happen in your mind and we wouldn't know


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