indirect realism

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  • Indirect realism
    • The immediate objects of perception are mind dependant objects that are caused by and represent mind independent objects
    • leads to scepticism about the exsistence of the external world
      • If all we perceive is sense data how can we know that veridical objects exist at all and not that the only things we have our the sense data themselves
    • leads to scepticism about the nature of the external world
      • If we only perceive sense data and not the veridical objects themselves, we are unable to know the nature of the external world fully
    • external world is the best hypothesis (Russell)
      • we cannot know for certain that physical objects exist but it is the best hypothesis
    • coherence of the various senses and lack of choices over our experiences (locke)
      • we cannot choice what we experience and what most of us experience matches up with one another
    • distinction between primary and secondary qualities (Locke)
      • primary qualities  = size, mass,solidity,extension,intrinsic to the object
      • secondary qualities = sound,colour,smell,touch things that require our perception of it
    • sense data tells us of relations between objects
      • e.g the relational property of looking obtuse, only can be used when in comparison to another object


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