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  • Indirect realism
    • The objects of our perception are mind dependent objects which are caused by and represent mind independent objects
    • leads to skepticism about the existence of the external world
      • external world is the best hypothesis (Russell)
        • we cannot prove that the external world exists, but it is the best hypothesis
      • coherence over various senses and lack of choice over our experiences (Locke)
      • If all we experience is sense data that is completely personal to us how can we know that the veridical objects exist at all and it is not just our sense data that we perceive
    • leads to skepticism about the nature of the external world
      • If there is a difference between our perception (sense data) and the veridical objects themselves we are not able to know the true nature of the external world
    • primary and secondary property distinction
    • sense data tells us of relations between objects
      • relational properties e.g. looking obtuse, only is explainable in comparison to another object


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