Critical Thinking - Indicator Words

A mind map detailing common indicator words listed in the OCR AS Critical Thinking Revision Guide, their reliability and how you can use them in the F501 and F502 exams. 

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  • Indicator Words
    • Conclusion
      • Therefore
      • Thus
      • So
      • Consequently
      • Should
    • Reason
      • Because
      • Since
      • As
      • Due to
      • For
    • Reliability
      • Argument indicators don't always work!
      • Some arguments won't contain any...
      • ... And some indicators are used in other contexts!
    • Uses in the exam
      • F501
        • You may be asked to identify argument elements e.g. a main conclusion.
        • When you are giving your own reasons, make sure it is reason by putting a reason indicator in front of it.
      • F502
        • When writing your own arguments, indicators can be a good way to be certain that the examiner will see your argument elements!
    • Hypothetical Reasoning
      • If / then
      • Example: If I eat cake, then I will get fat.


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